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Catch the wave and beat the change!

It has been on mind since so many days to write on Change Management, in fact the very first session we do in our Group coaching is change management. Certain events around us have made me write this blog on Change. First the disruptive changes happening around the business world due to change in preferences of consumers, technology up gradation, Automation and new business models. Secondly changing government regulation in the form of demonetization and upcoming GST (goods and service tax).

I have seen lot of confusion and resistance in Business owners while dealing with resent changes, hence thought of giving some simple tips, tricks and techniques to deal with the change beat it at its own game, here are they

  1. Change is the only constant, the more we resists the more we lose Think of vehicle running and breaks being applied, the maximum energy loss happens when we apply breaks to stall the momentum. Similarly when we resist change we lose precious amount of energy and resources when resist to it.
  2. Then how to deal with it, here’s how; if you can do something about change and manage to change the changeable, DO IT! If not, JUST ACCEPT IT. This way we shall save precious energy which can then be channelized in to different activities to deal with it. If at all you know that the CHANGE happening is NOT ACCEPTABLE, REMOVE YOUR SELF FROM IT or RISE ABOVE IT.
  3. Change comes to us in the form of disguised opportunities, every comes to us  with at least 10 times bigger wave of opportunity hidden it. Have the eye for opportunity and catch the wave  just like SEAGULL does. Seagull is a bird which goes deep in to the sea to finds it’s pray. By the time it find its pray, it would moved very deep in the sea and its would have increased. It has to come back now to its nest, earlier the motivation to go deep was food, even that does not exists now, the situation has changed completely rather 180 degrees shift. Seagull does not get bogged down by this change. It looks for opportunities and catches the waves going towards shore at the bottom and leaves them on the top to catch the next again to rise and to catch the next. In no time seagull is back to its nest by riding the waves by not resisting to it rather riding on the energy of it with effortless ease.
  4. Business owners and entrepreneurs are meant to thrive on the change, find these waves and ride on it, because; those who do not change, become

    EXTINCT. Those who change after the change will merely SURVIVEThose who change with the change will SUCCEED.

    And those who will CAUSE the Change will LEAD!

    It’s a CHOICE, what is that you are CHOOSING?