Business Coaching Methodology

  • Self Discovery - Business owners personality is always mirrored in the Businesses they run. Self discovery is the process where Business Owners start discovering lots of vital details about themselves like personality type, thinking pattern, motivations, fears, limiting beliefs, blocks, and strengths etc., which till date were blind spots to them.

  • Desire - Every business owner has certain wants they had in their mind and to fulfill that they embark their business journey. Most of the times in day to day business operations these original desires gets lost. This step enables Business Owners to revisit those original reasons why they are in business and what they wanted out of it.

  • Challenges - Every Business has challenges, We at Dr Biz believe these challenges exists  to take business owners and their  businesses to next level if clarified and understood enough.  In this step challenges are defined to the core of it.

  • Solutions - Challenges defined with clarity and to the core, enables to find the solutions. In short challenges have their solutions hidden in it. This step enables to find those opportunities and solutions hidden in challenges.

  • Activities - Meaningful activities defined and planned in line with the Solutions, Goals and desires propel business to next levels.

  • Measure - What gets measured gets done. This step enables to set the right measures for the business. In this step a Score Board is created where Right activities are measured to tell whether we are winning. If the measures are pointing in the same direction towards Goals, keep doing what is working, if not Realize the lessons from it and change the approach by “Re-Acting” i.e doing activities again but with  realized maturity based on learning.

  • Reward - We at Dr Biz look at this whole approach as Game. You play the game to Win and you want to Win to get the Rewards, fruits of your smart work. Business Owners decide the rewards which they always wanted and they truly earn it with sense of achievement.