We came in to being to generate sustainable employment. Our Philanthropy, social responsibility initiative is all about creating sustainable employment by empowering resource deprived energetic, wannabe or existing business owners. We love to call this as constructive Philanthropy.

Dr Biz Ventures contributes portion of monthly income to “Hari- Managal Foundation” a charitable trust run by our Principal Coach Sachin Mahajan.

Hari- Mangal Foundations Runs a Program called “Eklavya” where young, energetic, wannbe, budding entrepreneurs who are deprived of key resources get help to make their business profitable and create sustainable employment.

According to our Purana, Eklavya had all the required skills, learning appetite, commitment and dedication but could not find the right Guru to guide him and he had to pay the maximum compensation one could pay for learning. Hari-Mangal Foundation exists so that, no Eklavya of today's time should be deprived of the guidance he deserves.