"Re-AcT" - One-to-One Program

“Re-AcT” - A One-to-One Business Coaching Program

“Re-AcT”- Taking Actions Again But Consciously

Business Owners do lot of activities in Business on daily basis, most of the time, these activities are unconscious actions without any clarity and Purpose. With the help of “Re-AcT” Business owners get clarity and start taking meaningful and conscious actions.

“Re-AcT” is a journey of Realizations, meaningful Actions and overall Transformation of business owners and their businesses.
These unconscious activities are typical day to day operations activities, result stress, burn out and no time for strategic and meaningful activities and no results.

Key Benefits

  • Self and Business Transformation
  • Time Travel - Speeding the Process of Transformations Through Powerful Realizations & Actions
  • Focus and Clarity - Goal Setting and Orientation
  • Accountability
  • Meaningful Measures
  • Business Automation
  • Free Time to Business Owners for Creative Thinking and for Family and Networking

Key Learning and Takeaway

  • Time Management
  • Prudent Delegation
  • Hiring Better Than You
  • Discipline
  • Working on the Business rather than in the business, Driving your business than business driving you.

Salient features

  • One on One Sessions
  • Monthly twice 90 Minutes Sessions at predetermined time.
  • 12 Months Program
  • Involves intensive discussions and Home works based on realizations in that particular session

Every Organization and their Business Owners are different; hence challenges faced by them are different at any given point in time. The Approximate Process they go through is as follows, Since this is a journey of powerful realizations and innovation, it is flexible and as the time and situation demand the process may vary to certain extent organization to organization.

The Process

  • Story
  • What Business Owners Want
  • Taking the Stock of the Situation - The Now
  • Vision Mission Core Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Plan - Action Planning
  • Measure - Score Board
  • What’s Working, What's Not, What's Missing and What’s Next….
  • Automations and Technology
  • Organizational Culture

"Good2GREAT!" - Group Program

"Good2GREAT!" - A Group Business Coaching Program

We started with One-to-One Coaching, results and feedbacks from our clients are really overwhelming.  Only challenge we realized is, with this pace (one to one coaching) we shall not be able to reach to 50,000 business owners. That’s when group coaching idea clicked and we started working on it!

We realized that Group coaching will not only help us reach to maximum number of business owners but at the same time, there are lots of other benefits this Group coaching Program will provide.
Firstly, through group coaching we can propagate peer to peer coaching and that’s the best form of learning.

Secondly, through group coaching we can offer very affordable alternative to MSME owners, where there’s maximum need of these services.

Over and above as part of group fellow clients can network, form partnerships or tie up with each other’s and start growing together.

That’s how our Group Business Coaching Program “Good2GREAT!”  Came in to being.

Good2GREAT! is a potent combination  of all the good things such as,

  • Coaching-cum-Workshop-cum-Training.
  • Peer 2 Peer Learning
  • Peer 2 Peer Accountability
  • Interactive and brain storming of new ideas and new perspectives of looking towards business
  • And Much More

Good2Great Benefits-

  • Self Discovery & Braking Limiting Patterns and Right Business Attitude Building
  • Clarity, Focus and Accountability
  • Time Travel to Success
  • Working ON the Business vs IN the business as employee
  •  Quality Time for Self and Family
  • Investment effective
  • Overall Growth - Transformation

Good2GREAT! - Salient Features

  • 12 Months Group Business Coaching Program
  • Group of 6 Business Owners
  • Weekly Once- 1.5 Hours (90 Minutes) Session

Who it is for?

“Good2GREAT” Group business coaching program is for all the business owners who wants to move their businesses to next level from Good2GREAT!